National Office Philosophy and Social Science (NPSS) is calling the proposal for Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance (in Chinese).

 You could visit their official website for more information: 2024年国家社科基金文化遗产保护传承研究专项申报公告全国哲学社会科学工作办公室 (


Total Budget: RMB 600-800K for each project (will be managed as Major Projects by the National Social Science fund if awarded­)

Project Period: determined based on the actual needs of the research work, completed within 3-5 years

 Priority Areas:

  • Study on Historical Experience of Cultural Heritage Protection since the Founding of New China新中国成立以来文化遗产保护历史经验研究
  • Study on the Historic Achievements and Transformations in the Cultural Heritage Sector in the New Era新时代文化遗产事业历史性成就和历史性变革研究
  • Correctly Handling the Important Relationship Between Cultural Heritage Protection, Utilization, Development, and Exploitation正确处理文化遗产保护与利用、发展、开发重要关系研究
  • Research on Promoting High-Quality Development in Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance with a People-Centered Approach 以人民为中心推动文化遗产保护传承高质量发展研究
  • Research on Improving the Management System for Cultural Heritage Protection完善文化遗产保护管理体制研究
  • Research on Modernizing Cultural Heritage Governance Systems and Capacities 文化遗产治理体系和治理能力现代化研究
  • Study on Constructing a Chinese Characteristic Cultural Heritage System within a Comprehensive Protection Framework大保护格局下构建中国特色文化遗产体系研究
  • Study on Establishing and Improving Fiscal and Tax Support Policies in the Field of Cultural Heritage Protection建立健全文化遗产保护领域财税支持政策研究
  • Research on Ensuring the Land Demand and Supply for the Utilization of Cultural Heritage Protection 文化遗产保护利用的土地需求与供给保障研究
  • Research on Improving and Developing China’s Legal System for the Protection of Cultural Heritage完善和发展我国文化遗产保护法律体系研究
  • Research on Establishing and Strengthening the Supervision System for Cultural Heritage建立健全文化遗产督察制度研究
  • Study on Deepening International Legal Cooperation on Retrieving Lost Cultural Relics 深化流失文物追索领域国际法治合作研究
  • Research on Mechanisms and Paths for Public Participation in Cultural Heritage Protection 公众参与文化遗产保护机制与路径研究
  • Research on Mechanisms and Paths for Social Organizations in Cultural Heritage Protection社会组织参与文化遗产保护机制与路径研究
  • Study on Institutional Mechanisms for Social Capital Participation in Cultural Heritage Protection社会资本参与文化遗产保护的体制机制研究
  • Study on Methods and Paths for Digital Empowerment in Cultural Heritage Protection数字化赋能文化遗产保护的方法与路径研究
  • Research on Advanced Technological Applications in Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance文化遗产保护传承中的前沿科技应用研究
  • Study on Preservation Experiences of Historic Districts, Ancient Villages, and Towns with Mixed Historical and Modern Elements新旧杂陈的历史街区、古村古镇保护经验研究
  • Research on Interpretation and Development of Historical and Cultural Values in National Cultural Parks国家文化公园历史文化价值阐释与开发研究
  • Study on Cultural Heritage Protection, Inheritance, and Strengthening of National Community Awareness文化遗产保护传承与铸牢中华民族共同体意识研究
  • Research on Mechanisms and Paths for Cultural Heritage Empowering Economic and Social Development文化遗产赋能经济社会发展的机制和路径研究
  • Research on Talent Development for Cultural Heritage Protection文化遗产保护人才队伍建设研究
  • Digitalization Trends and Applications in Museum Collection Management and Research博物馆藏品管理与研究数字化趋势及应用
  • Study on Building the Disciplinary System of Cultural Heritage Studies文化遗产学学科体系建设研究
  • Study on Constructing a Global Civilization Dialogue and Cooperation Network构建全球文明对话合作网络研究
  • Study on Lessons Learned from the Cultural Heritage Protection and Inheritance Experiences of Leading Cultural Nations世界文化大国文化遗产保护传承经验借鉴研究
  • Research on International Experiences and China’s Practices in Using Cultural Heritage to Promote Dialogue Among Civilizations以文化遗产推动文明对话的国际经验与中国实践研究


  1. The PI should hold Chinese citizenship. Non-Chinese researchers can be co-PIs.
  2. Applicants must have full professor 正教授, principal research scientist 研究员 or equivalent positions and be capable of substantial research work.
  3. Research teams must be stable and team members shall have associate professor titles or doctoral degrees.
  4. The PI for active major national social science projects is not eligible to apply.

Application Process:

  1. Prepare the internal application form, attached in this email, and submit the form to by the internal deadline.
  2. An ad hoc committee will be organized to review and nominate the PI to prepare the full proposals.
  3. The nominated PIs prepare the proposal by using the National Social Science proposal template attached in this email (or you could find required attachments via our website).
  4. Submit the 3 monograph or journals of related topics and the internal application form to by the internal deadline.

Language: Chinese

Internal Deadline: 4:00 pm, Monday 1st July 2024 for submitting internal application form

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