[RSO_Call for Proposals_May. 27, 2024] Jiangsu Provincial Key Technology Program 前沿技术研发计划项目

The funding areas include general artificial intelligence, materials, health, advanced manufacturing, energy, and space sciences. Please check the attached guidelines (in Chinese) for the specific research direction.


    1. The project should have clear R&D content, in line with the key areas and directions of the guidelines as attached. It generally should have completed the basic theoretical innovation, and it shall have prototypes with industrialization scenarios at the end of the project.
    1. The project title must be “XXX技术研发”.
    1. The project leader must have high academic and innovation capacity. The proposal PI who has the provincial or national level talent scientist award has priority.
    1. Only the universities or enterprises located in Jiangsu Province can apply.


    1. It is a limited application. The proposal must pass the internal competition in Kunshan. Kunshan High-Tech Industrial Park has the quota to submit 10 proposals to Jiangsu for further competition.
    1. The Project Achievements and Targets Table as the Annex 2 in the attached file must be submitted along with the proposal. And it will be the checklist when the project is closed out.
    1. Provincial funding will not exceed 50% of the total project budget. The rest budget shall be cost-sharing. The maximum provincial funding is 5 million RMB.
    1. The researchers who are under 40-year-old are highly suggested to lead or participate in this application.
    1. The person currently in charge of the provincial program shall not take the lead in this call. The PI can only apply for only 1 provincial S&T program in the same year.

Application Procedures:

    1. Please note that all proposals shall be written in Chinese.
    1. The proposal must be submitted through the online system. The link to the online system is https://kjjh.kxjst.jiangsu.gov.cn/
    1. If you plan to apply to these projects, please register as an individual account“个人” in the system and choose DKU as your working entity, if not already done so.

Internal Deadline: June 17th, 2024. If you have any questions, please contact ORSTT at research-support@dukekunshan.edu.cn.

See the attachment.