Policies and Procedures

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DKU Academic Organizational Structure
Policy on Faculty Absence
DKU Policy on Mentorship of Faculty
DKU Policy on Pre-Tenure Sabbatical Leaves
Policy on Consensual Romantic or Sexual Relationships Between Faculty and Students
Grade Dispute Policy
Undergraduate Student Academic Complaints Policy
Guidelines on Appointment of Research Faculty
Policy for Faculty Resignation
Proposal for Descriptions of Faculty Ranks
Faculty Funds Guidelines
Faculty Charter
Duke Kunshan University Faculty Code of Conduct
Bylaws of University Faculty
Academic Policies
Research Polices
Faculty Annual Report
Duke Kunshan University Faculty Email Retention Policy
Adjunct Faculty Appointment Guidelines
Academic Tenure and Faculty Appointment, Promotion and Tenure
Policy on Faculty Professionalism
DKU Academic Salary Buyouts Policy
Guidelines for Withdrawal of Summer Salary
DKU Course Buy Out Policy
DKU Postdoctoral Positions Guideline
DKU Rule for Accessing
DKU Sabbatical Policy
Course Evaluation Information
Guidelines for the Appointment of Secondary Faculty
Regulations are available on the Duke Kunshan University Regulations page.