DKU-DUKE Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Grant

Purpose: To encourage engagement of DKU faculty (particularly junior faculty) with colleagues at Duke, not only to work on collaborative projects but to increase their networking opportunities and exposure, and to benefit from mentorship by experts at Duke. The DKU-DUKE Faculty Collaborative Scholarship Grant is provided by DKU and is from the Kunshan government in China. This grant is intended to support travel to Duke University by the DKU team member(s) during the summer, during a sabbatical leave, or during an academic year teaching session when the DKU team member(s) has/have no teaching commitments, to work on a collaborative project with the Duke team member(s). Travel for Duke team members to China will be considered under exceptional circumstances (e.g., to conduct fieldwork in China).

Definition of project: Project is defined as any collaborative academic or creative endeavor that significantly enhances the DKU applicant’s professional development. Examples include, but are not limited to the following,

  • Co-authoring a paper or book, or co-editing a book
  • Co-production of a film/video, exhibition, production, performance, or other artistic endeavor
  • Co-authoring a grant proposal
  • Conducting collaborative lab or field research that will contribute to tangible outcomes


Definition of team: A team must consist of at least two members: one each from DKU and Duke, and ideally no more than 2 people from DKU. All members of the team must be full-time employees of DKU or Duke.

Application Process: A call for proposals will be announced annually on December 1, and applications will be submitted annually by the end of February, for funding in the following academic year.

Please check the email announcement from office of Faculty Affairs for more application details.