DKU-DUKE Faculty Travel Grant

Purpose: To encourage engagement of DKU faculty with colleagues at Duke, not only to work on collaborative projects but also to increase their networking opportunities and exposure, or to benefit from mentorship from Duke colleagues.                                                                                                                             

This funding is offered by DKU’s Office of Faculty Affairs, intended to provide partial support for travel expenses of DKU faculty during the summer, a sabbatical leave, or during an academic year teaching session when there are no teaching commitments, to work on a project at Duke.                                     

It does not cover transcontinental travel but supports travel within North America to or from Durham, NC, and travel expenses in Durham, NC, incurred by DKU faculty.

This travel grant is separate from the DKU Faculty Scholarship and Travel Grant in focusing specifically on Duke, also separate from the larger DKU-Duke Faculty Collaborative Scholarship grant, and can be held in conjunction with any other applicable grant.

Eligibility: Full time, regular rank faculty[1] whose primary appointment is at DKU and who will be in North America for work or private reasons prior to their stay in Durham, NC, may apply.

Eligible projects include any academic or creative endeavors that significantly enhance the DKU faculty member’s professional development, and that also include the prospect of a significant collaborative engagement with Duke faculty or utilization of Duke’s academic resources. A designated Duke host is preferred but not required.

Application Process: A call for proposals will be announced annually in February, and applications will be submitted annually in April, for funding in the in the following academic year.

Please check the email announcement from office of Faculty Affairs for more application details.

[1] Regular rank faculty include all full-time faculty in the ranks of Instructor/Lecturer/Senior Lecturer/Assistant Professor/Associate Professor/Professor.