Considering Your CAPS Clinical Options

CAPS provides various workshops in which students can learn new skills to cope with their presenting issues or challenges. Students are encouraged to participate our workshops, and if they need further support, they are always welcome to use other clinical services of CAPS.


CAPS is committed to support DKU students’ personal and academic success. We allocate our resources to balance new requests for services, crisis/urgent needs and on-going clinical care. The following information are the factors that we take into consideration when collaboratively making decision about clinical services with students.

Group Counseling​

CAPS offers different types of group counseling, including skill-based group and process group. Group counseling offers students a place to receive and provide support to each other. Usually each group meets once per week for 6 or 8 weeks. Skill-based groups focus on skill learning, including but not limited to emotion regulation, distress tolerance and self-compassion. While process groups focus on self-exploration and interpersonal communication.

Individual Counseling​

Individual counseling service is for students who want to have one-on-one conversation with our counselor. On average, each student client has around 3 sessions with our counselor.

Decisions to provide more than 6 individual sessions of therapy involve a number of considerations including: complex reactions to traumatic events; not having access to transportation or a schedule that fits with off-campus services; or experiencing a high degree of social stigma based on a social identity group that makes CAPS the safest or most comfortable resource on campus or in the community.

You can also explore the information under Resource and Outreach & Community Engagement to find out more online and offline resources that support our students’ emotional health.