Suicide Prevention

CAPS organizes outreach programs for suicide prevention yearly. We aim to create an environment that is actively engaged in stopping student suicide and a campus culture that cultivates resilience and hope. Usually, the primary goal of people who attempt suicide is not to end their life. Instead, they are trying to escape painful thoughts and feelings about themselves and their lives. They may find suicidal ideation or self-harm behavior is very comforting to them.

Around 33% of people around the world have thought about suicide at least once in their lifetime. It is a very important topic for our human beings to think about the meaning of our life and reasons of our existence. We want to work together with our students to explore how they can make their life more meaningful and less painful. To support the students with suicidal ideation, we will also help them process difficult feelings and learn new ways to deal with their pain.

If you struggle with suicidal ideation or you think your DKU friends need help, please do not hesitate to reach out to CAPS.