Self-Help Resources


WellTrack is a free resource for all DKU community that lets you track your moods, feelings and thoughts while providing coping mechanisms to mitigate intense stress levels. WellTrack is a self-guided and interactive way to help you to better understand and maintain mental wellness through all of your life events.

For students wanting to access the web version of WellTrack, they can go to and sign in with your email address.

The mobile app can be accessed by downloading the WellTrack app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and registering with your email address.

For DKU undergraduates and Non-degree students, please use email address to sign in. For DKU graduates and Duke visiting undergraduates and graduates, please use email address to sign in.

Please email for IT issues. If you have any other questions or feedback, please feel free to email us at


Headspace offers free video resources online that provides guidance and education on meditation, a useful tool that has been proved to relieve anxiety and improve well-being (Learn more about meditation’s impact on the brain with neuroscience researcher Yewande Pearse.) Feel free to explore their YouTube channel.

Here are some videos that may be helpful:

  • Work from home tips — Cognitive neuroscientist and UC Berkeley professor Dr. Sahar Yousef helps us all find motivation, be more productive, get work done, and stay sane as we all work and study remotely. Tips include eliminating distractions and creating a designated workspace (even if it’s just a work tablecloth).
  • Meditation tips | Understanding Dark Thoughts – Sometimes thoughts arise that we might not like. They could be angry, exciting or just plain inappropriate. Meditation teaches us to sit with our thoughts, whatever they are. And in doing so we become more acceptant of ourselves, and maybe of others too.
  • Reset: De-compress your body and mind – With schools closed, many of us working from home, and social distancing becoming part of our lives, it can feel like work, family time, and relaxing all blur together. This meditation encourages us to pause and reset between tasks, helping you feel more present and better able to enjoy whatever comes next.
  • Sleepcast: Cat Marina – At night, the peaceful Cat Marina comes to life — and it’s the purrfect place to meet some feline friends. Sleepcasts use sound and visualization to create a peaceful atmosphere for restful sleep. Each one begins with a short wind down, then you’re taken on a relaxing journey through a dreamy landscape.​